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Rose Wedding

Spring in the middle of Winter.


Badrutt's Palace


St. Mortiz, Switzerland




A fairytale wedding in blush and cream hues. Two huge areas of the hotel were transformed and left completely unrecognizable. The ceremony was set up in the hotel’s Grand Hall. It was completely covered in white drapery and swags. The chuppah was custom made with the structure covered in cream and blush colored roses, the same as the altar. And the roof was done in white wisteria with beaded appliques. Two giant vases were designed and constructed to serve as a base for the climbing roses that were applied to the existing light fixtures. Huge beaded chandeliers decorated with wisteria and roses were hung and illuminated the space. A 13 meter long rose-walled and wisteria-roofed flower tunnel was installed for the bride’s entrance. Altogether more than 54,000 roses were used. The reception area was set up in the hotel’s Restaurant, which was also transformed completely with cream and blush fabrics, with fake snow covering the ground. 

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